The specificity of the modern market requires a rapid response on changing economic conditions from entrepreneurs. The quick changes in package orders and hesitation of business cycle cause that modern and flexible personnel management should be an integral part of the company's market strategy. The ISSP company helps its customers to make more efficient the systems of employment and at the same time it makes the market position stronger.

The ISSP company has an extensive experience in working with large production and commercial companies. Our company offers many solutions adjusted to customer needs and realize orders. The ISSP company matches the measures and tools to each task and also watches over providing the service in a flexible way.

The specialists of ISSP company familiarize with the course of the processes in the company in order to offer precisely adjusted solutions of HR and verified the procedures when they start to cooperate.

During the creation a group of workers we use our own extended data basis and we cooperate with labour offices. These information are helpful with recruitment respectable workers. The coordinators of ISSP company co-operate with people designated in our customer’s company to meet employers needs, control the quality of tasks and to improve communication system on each level of providing the service.

The customer co-operating with the ISSP company can be assured that the service is performed with the highest business and ethical standards and this also concerns the outsourcing personnel.